Marilyn Clements​

This dynamic exhibition showcases the large scale abstract works on canvas by former Greenwich resident Marilyn Clements.


Clements, employs a diversity of forms and colors to express the experience of inner states of consciousness -that of an expanded, highly energetic field. Into this space geometric forms mix comfortably with biomorphic and organic forms, and the whole space vibrates with the energy of color. Clements work is inspired by her deep involvement in Meditation practice as well as her interest in diverse cultures she has experienced in her travels especially to Bali and India.

"In Bali, I saw how spirituality, ritual, and ceremonial magic are all woven into dance, drama, art and life. With the background of an astonishingly beautiful landscape, I was very moved to record some of these impressions in a visual way. In my work I explore Bali as a state of mind, a place where the archetypes of the human psyche can come to life. My travels continue to be a source of inspiration as I work in the studio.”

Marilyn Clements work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, New England, Canada and Europe. She is represented in numerous corporate and private collections.