April 25th - May 12th.

Opening Reception April 25th, 6:30-8:30pm

Before her appearance at the 2019 London Biennale May 22nd, globally renowned artist Kay Griffith begins her world tour at C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, CT. Named “Top Abstract Expressionist" by Art Tour International, Griffith employs oils on canvas with the masterful use of palette knives. Painting wet-on-wet, ’alla prima’, empowers Griffith to follow the elemental flow allowing colors to synchronize and create a rich harmony of textures and values. This focus and execution style allows her to paint until her creativity and inspiration are reflected fully on the canvas. Griffith’s canvases are created with custom oil paints that derive their rich opulence from ground minerals and precious stones to achieve the vibrant and unique colors in her paintings. Kay will be one of the prestigious artists who are part of the World Vision Tour 2019 – 2020 visiting Monte-Carlo, Tokyo, Florence, Miami, Venice, London and Santa Marta. Her works will also be on view at the Biennial Basel exhibition during Art Basel Switzerland June 14th-June 16th.


Griffith’s skillful play with texture, color, light and rhythm create a magical symphony that invites viewers to experience a visceral, emotional response to her work.  It is a painting style that she has created over the years with experimentation, combining studies on color and design with the fresh approach of an artist who has matured through years of constant work.

Kay states, “All of us are aware that art in all its forms serves as universal language for humanity.  Additional to connecting us, paintings can highlight the uniqueness of every person.  My abstracts stir emotions and often engender conversation that spotlight individual differences in imagination, thought, and analysis. I respect every individual’s unique identity and encourage them to experience my abstracts, to think for themselves, feel what they feel, and set their imagination free!”

Griffith is delighted to launch her tour in Greenwich as its opening coincides with the annual American Red Cross Ball where C. Parker Gallery has donated a specially commissioned painting encrusted with diamond dust entitled “Radiant Hope”. This painting is currently on display at Greenwich jewelers Shreve, Crump & Low.