Julius b fil

Julius B. Fil was born in Czechoslovakia in 1961. He attended the Academy of Fine ARTS in Belgrade in 1988 and the Academy of Fine ARTS in Prague in 1989. His career took off after winning first prize in the National Painter Competition in Prague in 1989. Julius states “the world we live in is full of deep feelings, such as joy and sadness, satisfaction and regret, unity and confession. When you first look at my paintings, it is a maelstrom of technique, color, shock, touch and feeling –this is what you will find in my paintings. The color will provoke chaos in which you will find your moment –do what you choose. We choose the same moment together and together we will open the doors to art.” His paintings are in various private collections in New York, Scarsdale, Greenwich, Darien, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Julius currently resides and works in Mahopac, New York.