john robben

Painter and photographer John Ferris Robben, known for his photos, but who is equally passionate for painting. John is a creative soul. He constantly strives to create and find beauty in the world. He is passionate about art, photography, and other creative things.


John states “I paint, I take pictures, I drink a lot of coffee, and I never sleep. I'm not sure if the coffee has anything to do with the lack of sleep but either way I get a lot done in a 24 hours. Pictures by day and paint by night. I couldn't ask for a better life.” 


Robben, who graduated Providence College in 1986 was a Photography major before becoming a Painting major.  After college, Robben worked as a Ford model, working in New York, Connecticut, Boston, Milan and Tokyo. 


Robben, who wears many hats, including that of Officer Asphalt, said that his painting and photography passions actually dovetail beautifully.


“Painting is so much alone time,” he said. “Photography is really, really social. It’s great to have balance and do both.”


Robben’s longtime friend Jacques Guillet said he admired how Robben creates original colors for his acrylics.“He creates the colors himself, and sometimes, in addition to being tactile, you feel you can actually eat them like candy,” Guillet said, adding that he’d like Robben to add scent to his tactile paintings. “I’ve been encouraging him to find a flavor.”