jerry garcia

Jerry Garcia was an American musician and painter best remembered as a founder and member of the band, the Grateful Dead. In addition to his celebrated musical career, Garcia maintained a painting practice characterized by a playful energy and a palette of intensely bright colors.  His work often depicts people, animals, landscapes, and psychedelic abstractions, influenced by his widespread touring and exposure to international countercultural movements.

Born on August 1, 1942 in San Francisco, CA, Garcia played music and made artwork starting at a young age, studying painting at the San Francisco Art Institute as a teenager.  After a serious car accident in 1961, music came to claim his full attention, but he never stopped sketching. He would not pursue visual art again until the late 1980s.  During that time, he began producing a variety of watercolors, ink drawings, and computer-based artworks.  It was with Garcia’s unmistakable humor that he once remarked about his art, “I hope that no one takes it too seriously.”


All of Jerry Garcia’s artwork available for sale on this site was created by Jerry Garcia during his lifetime and released prior to his death in 1995.  Whether signed in pencil or with a silkscreen signature, they are the original and only editions created by Jerry during his life.


Jerry Garcia signed his work according to the orders received.  Therefore, some of the artwork which he did not sign before his death have his silkscreen signature and are embossed with the mark of the publisher on the front of the artwork.  All artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.