a Picture Perfect Match

 Art, Framing and installation

Picture Perfect MAtch

C. Parker Gallery works with interior designers and architects to source artwork that completes the vision and design aesthetics for each individual project. Our mission is to connect your clients with the artworks they desire and to ensure the process is an easy and enjoyable experience for you.  Our gallery provides a convenient and comprehensive suite of services to assist our trade partners with the artwork component for their clients. 

Our inventory includes over 1,000 works from more than 70 artists representing original paintings, prints, sculpture and collectibles. Our extensive network of artists and dealers also means we can arrange commissions and source other collectible works you desire. 

Our full range of art services means we can tailor a variety of solutions suited to your needs. You can schedule our mobile gallery to come on site with artwork and framing samples for in situ viewing so you can be certain your aesthetic goals are met. Once artwork and framing are selected, our expert installation team ensures a perfect execution of your vision. 

We pride ourselves in offering relationships that work best for you and your clients, from full service - advising and curation, sourcing, commission management, delivery and installation to minimal involvement providing complimentary private label presentations and artwork of your choice. We work with a range of client budgets and timelines, each tailored to your specific projects’ needs. C. Parker Gallery wants the art process to be enjoyable and seamless.

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