Elise Black

Elise Black's varied body of work is a marriage of creative paths the artist has taken as a painter, sculptor and designer in the fashion industry.. It is the culmination of a life-long creative journey of exploration and expression, and illustrates a fascination with materials: some functional, some mundane some decorative, as well as the by products of current and defunct industries. Paintings may begin on canvas or board but often divert from there, imposing upon the negative space around it by extending the existing planes. This dimensionality is achieved through collage and various other techniques...her use of color and composition are employed to convey the dreams and memories that serve as her inspiration. Sewn details are a recurring theme in the painterly works. Some works have exposed seams alluding to the artist's history and concern with construction, evident in her more sculptural and dimensional works.

Materials utilized in Black's work often include leather, fabric, yarn, glass, wood, metal, furniture parts, hardware, precious stone and found objects deemed worthy by virtue of inherent or potential beauty. It's not important what their intended use was in a previous life. Instead, they are celebrated for their intrinsic beauty and form.

Black's work appears in corporate and private collections worldwide and is included in the Permanent Art Collection of the town of Westport, CT. where the artist resides, as well as the Lower East Side in NYC. She is represented by C. Parker Gallery, Greenwich, CT.