Lenore gimpert

Lenore Gimpert's paintings are distinguished by their rich texture, opulent colors and impasto technique. Their elegance and sophistication make them the marquee piece in each collection. Her strong appreciation of history, particularly the Greek Hellenistic, Baroque and Rococo periods is reflected in her works. The romance of these periods is portrayed in her paintings and drawings as we view the old and classical through her contemporary eye. Her unrestrained expression utilizes different elemental materials such as gold and silver leaf paint, applying layer upon layer on the canvas. Her sparing use of color serves as a signature accent, to give her work an elegant ancient feeling emphasizing form over color. She paints very different subjects, from varied times, with consistent elements of curves, femininity and romance. 


Lenore's home and studio are centered in the downtown area of Birmingham, Michigan.  She received her BFA at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She also obtains a MA and MFA from Wayne State University in Detroit. Her award winning work can be found in many private and public collections internationally.