From the captivating portraits of her daughter to her magnificent still lifes, Silvia Le Fur captures such realism on her canvas with her paintbrush that she creates such a realistic impressionist painting that sometimes tricks the casual observers eye into believing they are photographs and requires closer examination which serves to confirm they are paintings and true masterpieces of beauty. The art critics comment “One finds in Liliane Le Fur’s paintings a transparency, a lightness and luminosity that is handled with much grace”. 

 Silvia Le Fur is still a relatively young painter, being only in her fifties, but she has established herself as a highly desirable and very collectible artist. 
Her works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions in both France and the United States. She has received the distinction of being the recipient of the Grand Prize of the International Salon in Deuville. Her works are displayed in many prominent art collections and the major salons compete to exhibit her works. 

 Prizes & Awards 

 Silver Medallion from the Salon des Artistes Frances 

First Prize from the Academie Frances Art & Science 

Grand Prize of Internation Art in Deuville 

First Prize Gold Medal in France 


Liliane Silva Lefur